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    One of the key characteristics of mathematicians and puzzlers is that they don’t simply give up, they try to prove that it’s impossible.
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Rose by AaronNSN(me)
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    Yesterday, two of my friends and I finally went to the National Museum of Mathematics — MoMATH — downtown in Manhattan, New York. MoMATH is located across 26th Street from Madison Square Park, and after yesterday, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless of age or experience with math. I had a lot of fun, and I absolutely think my knowledge of mathematics enhanced, not diminished, my appreciation for museum content.

    In my mind, there are a number of reasons why MoMATH is important, and why it should be a cornerstone of any trip to New York:

    1. I’m a huge fan of museums of science, but I think it’s a good thing to have a museum just for mathematics. There is something unique to mathematics, a certain drive towards understanding beyond the world, that an appreciation for science, in all its glory, cannot muster.
    2. MoMATH in particular is engineered in a way that’s accessible to people of all ages. The activities and exhibits themselves are clearly designed for children — with the exception of the art exhibit Composite, which is clearly designed for a more critical audience, and the “puzzle cafe,” for which adult patience and/or guidance is essential — but each has a nearby computer display with an easy-to-understand explanation including more advanced mathematics.
    3. People, especially young children, deserve the chance to experience math in the right way — by exploring patterns and structure in the world for themselves, not by learning arithmetic by rote. And if that experience can’t be effected in the classroom just yet, what better place than a museum dedicated to generating it?


    Have any of you guys been to MoMATH? What’d you think? How about anyone who hasn’t been yet — what are your thoughts? Do you think mathematics is something you can capture, at least in part, in a museum?

    I miss this so much. I wish I was able to see the Composite exhibit!!

  4. Current reasons to want a boyfriend:

    -I just want someone to dance with me

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Another piece of my last exhibition (detail)


    Another piece of my last exhibition (detail)

  6. The ISFJ is warm, generous, and dependable. They have many special gifts to offer, in their sensitivity to others, and their strong ability to keep things running smoothly. They need to remember to not be overly critical of themselves, and to give themselves some of the warmth and love which they freely dispense to others.

  7. myersandbriggs:

    I like feeling I have helped someone with a concern, helping them figure out, deal with, and resolve the problem, knowing that what I recommended or advised really did help that person.

    I am fairly quiet with an easygoing attitude and am modest to some extent. I do not mind being alone, although…

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    Finally got around to doodling something from Monument Valley, an adorably perfect but too short mobile game….

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    SEES SELF: as a patient resource for people who in need of his or her service and care.

    OVERRIDING NEED: to be a loyal friend, a competent caretaker, to be needed and of service to others.

    IRRITATED BY: people who are rude, argumentative, late, noisy, sloppy, showy or who fail to prepare for…

  10. A lot of thoughts have been swimming around in my mind these past few days. I finished summer classes last week so this is basically the first time I’m actually free since I’ve been here in May. Even though it’ll only be for a couple of weeks before we start the school year, it honestly feels really weird not having to do work. And it’s actually scary bringing all these other thoughts to mind, the thoughts that work used to easily push away.

    At the least I know that I’m not alone in feeling alone. Some of us took for granted the amount of interaction we had with others, because we were always seeing each other during teaching or during class. But now I feel afraid that the relationships I built with others were simply made out of obligation. Will there be any other reason for us to spend time together? I really hope so. I really do see them as my friends, but I feel that I’ve created a lot of conditions around those relationships (and this sounds really stupid) simply because I frequently depend on them in order to spend time with them. I don’t have a car yet. There have been several times that people have saved me a lot of trouble just by helping me get to where I need to go.

    And there’s so many things I want to do! And I’d love to invite others to join! But who says that I actually have a means to getting there myself, without relying on others? Haha, this is a prime example of Quality Time love language right here. I need to spend time with people and find if they appreciate my company before I am most comfortable with them.

    I guess this is yet another trial to go through while I’m here. Make efforts to maintain relationships, but not force them. I have limited means of spending time with others, but it doesn’t mean I have no way of doing so.